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of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission

Our purpose is to train workers in the sector of construction of green homes for urban and building sustainability

What are green roofs?

It is a roof system designed to make the development of vegetation in its last layer viable. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a system that imitates the functioning of the natural environment of a plant and to ensure that the vegetation uses it to grow and stay alive, without damaging the structural, constructive, and environmental conditions of the building. Typically, the designs of green roofs are site-specific depending on climatic conditions and they are executed using a system with various materials arranged in layers


Vegetation is a living being that interacts with the external environment and the substrate. This interaction makes the green roof thermal behaviour different from other roof types, and modifies the temperature and air quality conditions around it.

The roof covering consists of a multi-layer system, in which the layers work together and complement each other. The system allows rainwater to be stored and later evaporate through its layers

¿cuales son los beneficios?

Additional spaces for
community gardens

Heat island effect
reduction in urban areas

Rainwater harvesting

Acoustic insulation

Energy consumption

Improvement of air quality

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