What is included in the NaturBuild course on green roofs?

After the research of regulations and possible legal requirements in the installation, maintenance and deconstruction of green roofs, as well as after the identification of good practices in this area. The partners of the ‘NaturBuild‘ project have designed the Skills Perimeter of each module of the course on green roofs that will be developed in online format and that cover the different phases of the construction process. 

This document contains the information related to the analysis of the answers to the surveys answered by 26 experts from the countries of the consortium: Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, on the activities related to the construction of a green roof (information, installation, maintenance and deconstruction). In this way, four surveys have been realized, one for each module, in order to identify the importance of the learning outcomes required in each of them, the transversal competences and the didactic resources. 

The responses were analyzed in depth, resulting in four training modules: 

Module 1. Global awareness of green roofs: this first block, of 8 hours duration, will allow the student to learn about the benefits of green roofs and their environmental impact. Topics that will be cover include climate change and biodiversity, among others. 

Module 2. Installation of green roofs: the second block, of 25 hours, focuses on the construction of green roofs, addressing all the procedures to be followed to achieve an efficient use or operation. 

Module 3. Maintenance of green roofs: the third block, lasting 25 hours, aims to teach the steps to be taken by professionals in the sector to carry out a correct maintenance of this type of roofs. 

Module 4. Deconstruction of green roofs: the fourth block, of 8 hours, explains how to reuse the installation of an old roof to install a new one, dealing with cases in which it was not done properly or are not sustainable. It will also explain how to build these roofs on common roofs.