First online meeting of NaturBuild partners

On May 10th, the partners of the ‘NaturBuild’ project met for the first time to start working on the results of this initiative of the Erasmus+ programme. The meeting, which took place online via Covid-19, was attended by the five partners from Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

During the meeting, the technical, financial and communicative aspects of the European proposal were discussed, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of green roofs in cities, both as a thermal insulation system and as a sustainable and ecological measure.

The project, which started in the beginning of 2022 and will continue for more than two years, aims to develop training to teach current and future professionals of the sector how to install, maintain and deconstruct green roofs.

In addition to this main result, ‘NaturBuild’ aims to develop other results that help to disseminate and raise awareness of the importance of using ‘Nature-based solutions’ to improve the sustainability and efficiency of buildings and cities.