Care to be taken when building a green roof solution

The main objective of the project is the development of specialized training in green roofs, aimed at workers in the construction sector to achieve urban and building sustainability.

The Naturbuild project is studying green roofs throughout four training modules for professionals, which are structured in:

  1. Global awareness of green roofs.
  2. Installation.
  3. Maintenance.
  4. Deconstruction of green roofs.

When designing the installation module, it turns out there are several precautions to take when building a green roof solution, for example weights and loads, slope, local climate, prevailing winds, type of plants, fire prevention, and health and safety risks. An efficient waterproofing and drainage system is also essential when building a green roof.

Although the type of plants to use varies depending on green roof classification, it is crucial to use autochthonous plants, or naturalized plants, with low maintenance and low water needs. More information about green roofs.

If you want to access this training and learn more about green roofs, click on the following link.